Parish Notices

Notice is hereby given that the Parish Council of the Parish of St James King Street intends to apply to the Standing Committee of the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney for an ordinance to increase the mortgaging limit to up to $29.5 million (currently up to $17 million) to be applied towards the purchase of additional property adjacent to St James’ Hall. Further details regarding the ordinance and its purposes can be raised with the Wardens, the Rector, or Mr James Balfour (Secretary of the St James Hall Board of Management).

Any objections to the proposed Ordinance may be presented in accordance with the Ordinance Procedure Ordinance 1973 (as amended) to The Secretary of the Standing Committee, Anglican Diocese of Sydney, PO Box Q190, QVB POST OFFICE, NSW 1230 at any time before the expiration of 3 weeks from the date of first posting of this notice (i.e., by 21 March 2021).

Amendment Ordinance 2021