More than a church, St James’ is at the heart of the city.
Our vision is in creating an open, inclusive and engaging sanctuary for all; regardless of social standing, sexuality, race or religion.
We respect both our heritage and that of the traditional custodians of this land, while shaping our future through excellence in music, education and worship.
Our impact is our legacy. We aspire to establish trust with our community by presenting our message of inclusion, grace and faith.

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The St JamesInstitute presents:
Gender and the Dynamics of Christian Doctrine: What’s Ordered about the Natural Order?

Sunday 15 August | 2:00pm-4:00pm | St James’ Hall | $25

Debates about sexuality are divisive in the Western church. Affirmative views of homosexuality and nonbinary gender identity are often based on gospel motifs of inclusiveness and emancipation. Conservative views are often based on a ‘clear’ or ‘plain’ reading of Scripture. This presentation proposes a third way: Christian doctrine.

Allowing the doctrine of creation to be informed by the witness of Job and Ecclesiastes, theologian Geoff Thompson will propose a theological account of the human person that is not limited by the ‘ordering’ of human creatures into the binary of male and female and the normativity of heterosexuality. Thompson’s approach is based on an understanding of the dynamic nature of the relationship between Scripture and doctrine.

Rev’d Associate Professor Geoff Thompson is the author of Christian Doctrine: A Guide for the Perplexed. He is a regular contributor to media discussions of religion, including commentary on the Israel Folau controversy.

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