More than a church, St James’ is at the heart of the city.
Our vision is in creating an open, inclusive and engaging sanctuary for all; regardless of social standing, sexuality, race or religion.
We respect both our heritage and that of the traditional custodians of this land, while shaping our future through excellence in music, education and worship.
Our impact is our legacy. We aspire to establish trust with our community by presenting our message of inclusion, grace and faith.

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The St James’ Institute presents: Poetry is Essential to the Human Spirit

Sunday 28 August | 2:00pm-3:30pm | St James’ Hall and Online | $25

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Poetry is whispering, rustling through life. Poetry unsettles convention, inviting us to re-imagine daily routines. Poetry helps us survive tragedy, creating new meanings amidst suffering. Poetry is shouting, imagining More to life.

In this seminar, theologian–poet Terry Veling describes how poetry is a way of noticing and responding to divine surprises in everyday life. Drawing on the Kabbalah (from the mystical tradition of Judaism), as well as Catholic theology, philosophy, and the prophetic voices of modern poets, Veling invites us to wonder afresh at our world. His talk—“Poetry is Essential to the Human Spirit”—will be interwoven with readings of his own poetry.

Terry Veling is the author of Someone to Love, Someone like You: Poems of Human and Divine Love (2020) and Spiral-Bound Poetry (2014) as well as works of theology. He was a Golda Meir Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a leader in the field of theopoetics.

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