Consort 8, 23 June


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Consort 8 performs music by Franco-Flemish composers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Consort 8 presents music associated with the Franco-Flemish composers of 15th-16th centuries. These composers originated from present-day Northern France, Belgium and the Southern Netherlands but many of them spent their adult life abroad. Our program includes two of many versions of Taundernaken, once a very popular Dutch song about two girls in Andernach who were spied on by the lover of one of the girls, who was listening to their conversation on love affairs from a distance.

Tandernak – Erasmus Lapicida c.1490 -1547

L’omme banni de sa plaisance; Gracuuly et biaulx – Jacobus Barbireau 1455 -1491

Hor che’l cielo; Margot labourez les vignes – Jacques Arcadelt c.1507 -1568

Le dur traveil; Vecchie letrose – Adrian Willaert 1490-1562

Taundernaken – Ludwig Senfl c.1486 -1542/3

Innsbuck; Hora di maggio – Heinrich Isaac c.1450 -1517



Tim Chung | countertenor

Sue Christie, Susan Foulcher, Jude Huxtable, Robert Small | recorders


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Consort 8, 23 June


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