Greeting Card: Drawing of St James’ Church


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Drawing of St James’ Church by Philip Barr with inscription. Blank message. Envelope included.

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Drawing of St James’ Church by Philip Barr with inscription:

St. James’ Church was designed in the Georgian style by Francis Howard Greenway, whose work is commemorated on the ten dollar note. Together with the Hyde Park Barracks and the old Supreme Court, it forms a notable group of early colonial buildings.

The church, now the oldest ecclesiastical structure in Sydney, was begun in 1819 and consecrated in 1824. Twelve years later, the first and only Bishop of Australia was installed there. St. James’ had become a well-attended church in the growing town of Sydney.

By the end of the century, the resident population had moved to the suburbs. St. James’, with a rebuilt interior and a strong preaching and musical tradition, now developed a distinctive style of worship and a vigorous ministry to the city. Amid the skyscrapers of modern Sydney, the spire of the historic church is a witness to the enduring character of the Christian message. 

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Greeting Card: Embroidered Shell

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Detail of a St James' vestment. Image by Chris Shain (Images for Business). Blank message. Envelope included.

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