Life & Learning

“Education lies at the heart of understanding. An enquiring mind has the capacity to change and grow, which can bring thoughtfulness, meaning and purpose. This is especially important in the spiritual journey by which we seek to encounter God and be transformed. We are fortunate to have the St James’ Institute providing many opportunities to engage with ideas, encounter moving experiences, and lead to nourishment of the soul.”

(Rev’d Andrew Sempell, Rector)

St James’ Institute

The St James’ Institute presents an annual programme of talks, studies and events that enable us to explore aspects of faith and spirituality and help us to further develop our understanding of Christianity. Our vision is to be more informed, more articulate, and more confident about our faith. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in our activities. St James’ Subscribers receive a season ticket providing free tickets to our events (with the exception of the annual retreat) and online resources to accompany the programme.

Lifelong Learning

In addition to the St James’ Institute programme, we also offer tours of St James’ Church to school and community groups, tailored to areas of special interest including history, art, music and spirituality. We also provide support and resources to the children’s ministry of St James’ Church, the provision of a Parish Library with a wide range of books on theology and faith, and regular workshops for those involved in parish ministry, including pastoral care, prayer, and confirmation preparation.